EP035 – Krull (1983)

A movie with Robbie Coltrane, Liam Neeson, and a golden, five-pointed, razor-tipped boomerang of awesomeness still managed to suck.

Highlights from Episode 35:

  • Dave not only monumentally flubs the synopsis, but manages to go 41 seconds over the allotted six minute time limit. Consequently he was forced to sing a rather undignified song, much to the delight of Pete and Troy.
  • Due to losing his voice during some kind of boating mishap, Pete is unable to speak above a hoarse whisper, much to the relief disappointment of the rest of the cast.
  • Dave attempts to kill the rest of the cast with high-octane beers acquired from our friends at Perfect Pour Craft Beer & Beverage:
  • So far the best description of Krull is “Where Star Wars and Lord of the Rings had a baby.”
  • Fond childhood memories do not a good movie make, as Dave discovered much to his disappointment.
  • We’re promised awesome magical flying razor boomerang fighting. The payoff is… disappointing.
  • Moral of the story: If you’re prone to getting into bad situations, a cyclops friend will help you until he’s slowly crushed by a stone door.
  • Six pack rating:
    • Troy: 2
    • Pete: 5
    • Dave: 1
    • Kathleen: 3
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP035 – Krull (1983)