EP034 – The Guyver (1991)

Highlights from Episode 34:

  • This movie would have been a lot more fun if we were either six years old or kind of drunk. Well, we’re not six so drunk it is!
  • The cast enjoyed three beers from Mantra Artisan Ales, courtesy of our friend Rod Barnett from NaschyCast and the Bloody Pit:
    • Amour Rouge: a Flanders-style sour red ale at 6.2% ABV (stupid sexy Flanders…)
    • Nouveau: a Belgian-style dubbel ale at 7.5% ABV
    • Japa: a Milk chai stout at 5.1% ABV. The bottle says “drink this beer fresh,” which we did not. (Sorry, Rod.)
  • An American live-action movie adaptation of the Japanese anime/comic title The Guyver: Biobooster Armor, we suspect the filmmakers understood neither original material nor American audiences. Or they didn’t care, and just wanted to use this crappy film as a vehicle to showcase their (admittedly impressive) creature effects.
  • Despite appearing prominently on the movie poster, Mark Hamill does not play The Guyver. If you can’t trust a movie poster of alive-action adaptation of an animated feature based on a comic book, what can you trust?
  • Kathleen recalls the good old college days when she used to hang out with a bunch of ridiculous boys. Evidently times have not changed.
  • All situations are improved by shouting “GUYVER! BIO BOOSTER ARMOR!” randomly and without warning.
  • Dave went through a phase in college when he would shout everything he was doing as though it were an anime-style special attack.
  • We geek out briefly at the appearance of horror movie stars Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), David Gale, and Jeffrey Combs (both from The Reanimator).
  • Jimmie Walker appears as one of the villains. Hey, Jimmie’s gotta eat too.
  • This movie begins somewhat ominously dark, then ends as full-on Looney Tunes.
  • Did we need monster boobs?
  • Six Pack Ratings:
    • Kathleen: 3
    • Troy: 3
    • Pete: 3
    • Dave: 3

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP034 - The Guyver (1991)