EP032 – Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever (2014)

Highlights from Episode 32:

  • We’re joined by a few special guests
    • Donna returns for the third holiday season in a row, continuing her tradition of avoiding us the other 11 months of the year.
    • Katie, our resident Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movie expert, explains the general themes and common tropes of the genre. None of this however explains why she likes these movies.
    • Troy and Kathleen’s daughter Millie, in her exciting podcast debut, provides her adorable and impossibly energetic review.
  • Instead of beer, the cast enjoys warm seasonal drinks with mulled beer and wassail. Actually both had beer in them, so I guess we did have beer. Whatever, I’m tired.
  • The tradition of singing Christmas carols in exchange for booze should be much more popular– like Halloween with booze.
  • Aubrey Plaza as the voice of Grumpy Cat is perfect.
  • If Grumpy Cat says her own movie is terrible, is it still allowed to be terrible?
  • The movie is stiff with meta-jokes, which is fortunate as Troy never meta-joke he didn’t like! (groan)
  • No discussion of mall elf culture is complete without at least one reference to David Sedaris’ Holidays on Ice.
  • Grumpy Cat (AKA Tardar Sauce) is so stinking cute. We may have rated the movie higher if it was just 87 minutes of her sleeping.
  • Speaking of ratings:
    • Donna: 3
    • Katie: 4
    • Kathleen: 3
    • Troy: 2
    • Pete: 3
    • Dave: 2

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP032 – Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever (2014)