EP029 – The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981)

Highlights from Episode 28:

  • Joel Schumacher’s feature film debut and not a single batsuit nipple in sight.
  • Spaghetti Arms: the psychological phenomenon of confusing two people that share the same first name (e.g., Patrick Stewart vs Patrick Swayze, Christopher Walken vs Christopher Lloyd, etc).
  • Kathleen needs ten minutes to give the six minute synopsis.
  • We sample some fun beers from Streetside Brewery out of Cincinnati:
    • Bert Got Dum: A raspberry lemon wedding cake milkshake IPA with the lemon drop hop. Also, “wedding cake milkshake lemon drop hop” sounds like a complicated 1950s dance craze.
    • F*** It We’ll do it Lime: a key lime pie gose. (Goose? Goes? Goze? Gooze?)
  • Shockingly nobody hated this movie!
  • We all agree Lily Tomlin is a national treasure.
  • This movie has a great many layers of symbolism and social commentary on unregulated chemical manufacturing, rampant consumerism, irresponsible marketing, gender roles in patriarchal society, and the concept of mental load. Also, we may have been drinking.
  • Dave learns not every clam chowder joke is funny.
  • Nobody likes when Pete (or anyone) says “creamy mouthfeel.”
  • Equally gross is a character’s suggestion of having “an open mind and an open mouth.”
  • We discuss whether sex works when one partner is 8 inches tall and the other is Charles Grodin. The phrase “hugging a telephone pole” is used, and no one is happy about it.
  • Replacing Troy’s regular coffee with Folger’s Flavor Crystals may end very poorly.
  • When it comes to what’s going on in her kitchen, Kathleen is a clueless 1950s husband.
  • Kathleen learns Bulgogi is a real thing.
  • The theme song for the fictional product “Galaxy Glue” is a hateful, hateful ear worm.
  • Six pack ratings:
    • Kathleen: 2
    • Troy: 1
    • Pete: 2
    • Dave: 2
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP029 - The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981)