EP072 – Witchin’ and Bitchin’ (2013)

  • Well, with all great plans can come great failure, and Pete’s massive failure was spectacular. Madrid is NOT in Mexico. Idiot.
  • Pete saves Dave’s ass by skirting a joke he made about his wife. See if you can catch the near catastrophic, life ending comment.
  • If you’re a kaiju fan, this has a kaiju in it. It’s a really gross kaiju but it’s there nonetheless.
  • Stick around for a special review from Nate from over at Give Me Back My Action and Horror Movies. He’s very silly.

Featured beer:
Sisters in Beer from 450 North Brewery
Margarita Playa from Columbus Brewing Company

Six-Pack Rating
– Troy: 0
– Dave: 0
– Pete: 0
– Kathleen: 2

Next month, Steven and Leo over at Spoils of Horror have agreed to swap movies with us. They selected They’re Watching for us and I tossed the J-Horror gem Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell. We’ll see if they ever speak to me again. Both films are on Tubi in case you want to play along at home.

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP072 - Witchin' and Bitchin' (2013)