EP047 – Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

Join the Good Beer Bad Movie Night podcast as we slog through Johnny Mnemonic, Dave’s horrible birthday pick! On a somewhat related note, Dave may no longer be allowed to choose movies.

Highlights from Episode 47

  • This movie may be the final evidence that Dave in fact hates the rest of the cast.
  • Johnny Mnemonic may be the best Keanu Reeves performance since Bram Stoker’s Dracula. (WE LOVE YOU, KEANU!)
  • Accurate predictions of 2021 from a movie released in 1995:
    • People wearing masks because of a pandemic
    • Over proliferation of technology affecting people psychologically, yet we can’t do without it.
    • Corporations run everything
    • Keanu Reeves, Henry Rollins and Ice T are still awesome
  • Not so accurate predictions:
    • Using virtual reality goggles and haptic gloves to navigate the internet like Tron (though Dave’s still holding out hope)
    • We’ll still be using pay phones, VCRs, and calling cards
    • Cybernetically enhanced preachers moonlighting as contract killers
  • Keanu has a sophisticated neural implant that holds up to 320GB of data. Today a USB flash drive of comparable size would cost about $15 to $30.

Beers of the episode:

Six Pack Rating:

  • Troy: 4
  • Kathleen: 4
  • Pete: 4
  • Dave: 2

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP047 - Johnny Mnemonic (1995)