EP039 – Howl From Beyond The Fog (2020)

It’s the most shocking episode of GBBMN ever, as the crew review not one. Not TWO! BUT THREE short films for our Independence Month show…which all culminates in a surprising confession from Kathleen.

Highlights from Episode 39

  • The first short we discuss, a cartoon made by friend of the show Mark Bailey, is called It Came From The East River It is a multiple award winner. Not a phrase you will usually associate with films reviewed by GBBMN.
  • The next short, CandyLand, is also by a friend of the show, this time a brother of the son of a cousin of Pete (or something like that) made a student film that actually turned out pretty damned good.
  • The THIRD short, Howl From Beyond The Fog, started as a Kickstarter campaign.
  • Good Beer Bad Movie Night actually appears in the credits of HFBTF! (Please don’t hold that against them)
  • Dave recalls fond memories of adults giving him alcohol at the ripe old age of three. It explains a lot.
  • Pete needs to learn new descriptors, because we will ALWAYS laugh at “pillowy mouth-feel

Beers of the episode

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP039 - Howl From Beyond The Fog (2020)