EP023 – Spacehunter, Adventures in the Forbidden Zone

Highlights from Episode 23:

  • Featured Breweries:
  • A Good Beer Bad Movie Night first: Our listeners chose this horrible movie for us via online poll. On a related note, our listeners are apparently sadists.
  • The cast discovers great selections and knowledgeable staff at Perfect Pour Craft Beer and Beverage in Dublin, Ohio.
  • Dave discovers a voice changing app for his phone to much dramatic effect.
  • Kathleen brought a bottle opener/bottle cap gun. Naturally Pete immediately shoots Troy in the eye.
  • Fifteen year old Molly Ringwald’s voice is enough to throw Kathleen into a rage.
  • How gross is having an android sex robot?
  • Are there really people in the world who can’t tell the difference between Ernie Hudson and Billy Dee Williams? You decide!
  • Porters at 11.5% alcohol by volume = nearly six minutes of outtakes.
  • Ratings:
    • Kathleen: 5
    • Troy: 4
    • Pete: 4
    • Dave: 4