EP022 – Transylvania 6-5000

Highlights from Episode 22

  • Featured Brewery:
  • Pete is very proud of his unique ending to the six minute synopsis.
  • The AMAZING growler that Kathleen got Troy for Christmas can be found here.  It’s a perfect gift for a craft beer drinker.  https://www.growlerwerks.com/
  • Correct me if I’m wrong but comedies are supposed to be funny.
  • The cast continues to blame Pete for being exposed to these films and Pete reminds them that they signed up for this.
  • Since Kathleen refuses to use it, I’ll use #whiskypoop here in the show notes.
  • Dave’s Jeff Goldblum impersonation is on par with his Christopher Walker.
  • We have a sister cast down under!  Check out Good Beer Bad Movie Pod on facebook.  They do things a lot differently than we do and just posted their first episode on Soundcloud.  Both casts agree that we need to make road trips to each others backyard.
  • Clearly the ENTIRE cast is unaware of how time works because by the time you hear this the poll for Dave’s birthday movie will be over.
  • Kathleen couldn’t wrap her brain around the concept of a shower beer.  Looks like Kathleen needs to catch up with the rest of us. Shower Beer Holder
  • Ratings:
    • Kathleen: 4
    • Pete: 4
    • Troy: 2
    • Dave: 3
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP022 - Transylvania 6-5000