EP014 – Speed Racer (2008)

Highlights from episode 14

  • Pete goes off the deep end with his 6-minute synopsis and presents the stunned cast with his own dark fan theory.
  • Summer is here and that means fishing!  We have a taste of Land Grant’s Grapefruit Walleye.  The “Gheory” is tested with this one.
  • Fifty Foot Brewery weaves a tale from an unpublished book, “Adventures in Homebrewing” and shares their new Soma Berry Cider with the cast.
  • John Goodman, Susan Sarandon and Christina Ricci turn in fantastic performances while simultaneously getting their throats slit by the nonsensical storytelling.
  • The bizzare restaurant Kathleen was talking about with the spaghetti Ice cream; Culvers!
  • Kathleen and Pete finally agree on a rating


Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP014 - Speed Racer (2008)