EP008 – Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Clause

Highlights from Episode 8

  • Special guest host Donna inexplicably requests to sit in for this pile of turd.
  • Had technical difficulties with some strange feedback but got it cleared up.  Apologizes.
  • Other technical difficulties were caused the positioning of new equipment and a drunk host.  Again, apologizes.
  • Thanks to Kathleen and Troy we played Hallmark Holiday BINGO.  Sadly no one won.
  • It will never cease to amaze me the different things that the gals pick up
  • Meet the Santas (2005) is a direct sequel.
  • BtVS connection with Principal Quark.
  • Donna and Dave fixate on Crystal Bernard’s booty.
  • IMDB does not have a synopsis yet.  I think Kathleen should submit hers.
  • The Mulled wine snuk up on the cast and caused some silliness toward the end.
  • What happened to Phil this week?

Mulled Wine Recipe

1.5l concord grape wine

750ml Lambrusco

1 tbsp mulling spices

Mix everything and put in a crockpot on high until hot.  Pour mulled wine through a strainer or cheese cloth into a cup to remove solid spices.

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP008 - Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Clause

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