Ep003 _ Latitude Zero

In this Giant-Sized Episode of GBBMN, we  welcome our first guest host Jodi to the podcast as our eyeballs ingest Toho’s 1969 Latitude Zero.

The Toho Kaiju Trifecta as director Ishiro Honda, special effects master Eji Tsuburaya and renowned composer Akira Ifukube team up for the last time in this very weird Scifi/Fantasy.  Leading man Akira Takarada make his English speaking debut and Jodi tells an embarrassing story about Pete meeting Takarada-san at G-Fest last year.

We will vertical Fifty Foot Brewery’s Diaweizen that made the trip to G-Fest this year and Hitachino Nest White Ale and compare the two wheat beers.

Disclaimer: I had some audio mishaps at the beginning of the episode and I had to re-record the opening.  Apologizes for the weirdness.

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Ep003 _ Latitude Zero

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