EP067 – Anna and the Apocalypse (2017)

Departing from our tradition of reviewing a Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movie during the holiday season, the GBBMN cast reviews Anna and the Apocalypse. Knowing Pete is not a fan of musicals or zombie movies, naturally Kathleen chose a zombie musical.

We’re joined this episode by special guests Katie, Jodi, and Donna.

The Six Pack Ratings were all over the place this time, so check out the movie! Or not!


Six Pack Ratings

  • Jodi: 2
  • Katie: 3
  • Donna: 4
  • Pete: 2
  • Dave: 3
  • Troy: 0
  • Kathleen: 1
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP067 - Anna and the Apocalypse (2017)

EP066 – Spawn (1997)

This movie sucked the life out of the cast. Nate from Give Me Back My Horror Movies is to blame and he WILL live to regret it.

If you haven’t surmised by now, Pete is an idiot. Columbus Brewing Company was started in 1988 and NOT 1998. Pete is a dummy.

I am a firm believer of individuality and a strong supporter of “liking what you like,” but fans of this film should seriously seek medical attention. Kathleen summed it up perfectly saying it was both gross and boring.

Featured Beers
R. Shea Brewing Pumpkin Ale
Heavy Seas Brewing: Impending Doom 3

Six Pack Rating:
Kathleen: 6 + the three the boys didn’t finish.
Dave: 5
Troy: 5
Pete: 5

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP066 - Spawn (1997)

EP065 – Flash Gordon (1980)

This month is Troy’s fault…and no one really minds! Celebrate Troy’s *redacted* birthday with the 1980 cult classic…Flash Gordon!

Listen to Pete, Dave, Kathleen and Troy try and fit everything they say into the iconic Flash Theme Song.

Troy treats(?!) us to a…er…rousing 6-minute synopsis.

Two beers. One Brewery. North High Brewing dominated Troy’s 2022:

Six Pack Ratings

Pete: 2
Kathleen: 1
Dave: 1
Troy: 1

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Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP065 - Flash Gordon (1980)

EP064 – Zombie Strippers (A Jeff Larkin Tribute)


This show is dedicated to my dear friend Jeff Larkin who unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack at 52. Jeff was the best kind of friend you could have; tough love when you needed a kick in the pants, kindness when you were in pain and fiercely loyal. His laughter was infectious even if his jokes were terrible. He loved and was loved and will be missed. God bless his family and all he touched.

Jeff was part of the original crew of GBBMN when it was just me hosting movie parties in my basement. Zombie Strippers was one of his favorite that we had the misfortune to watch. This show is for you my friend.


Kathleen is jealous of my crazy six-minute synopsis skills and refuses to give me a one minute countdown. Jerk face. I’ll show you.

Kathleen is blessed with participating in a game that not only peels the scabs of old wounds but also grosses out the whole cast. Thanks to Charlie and Nate for the bitchin’ suggestions.

I didn’t get to talk about Madame Blavatsky so I want to make quick mention of her weird life. In a nutshell, she was a Russian spiritualist that moved to the United States and started a cult called Theosophy in 1875.  It has been described as an esoteric religion sharing a boarder-line with occultism.
The Ska band Johnny Scoko sang a song on their debut album Oh! I DO Hope it’s Roast Beef called Madame Blavatsky which is where I first heard of her back in the mid-90s.


We find out that Dave was only a few credits away from being a philosophy major. I dare you to ask him about it.

Pete never got around to telling the strip club story involving he and Dave. I’ll have to put that story back in the pile for later.

Dave picked out some wonderful beer. Well, I say wonderful. They were certainly an experience.
Drekker Brewery’s Braaaaaaains Blackberryberry/Guava
Three Floyd’s Zombie Dust


Troy corrects Pete AGAIN about where in Indiana Three Floyd’s Brewery is located. I get it, Troy. It’s Munster, not Muncie.

Six-Pack Rating:
Troy: 4
Kathleen: 6 (no surprise)
Dave: 4
Pete: 4

Friends of the show promos
Monster Movie Stompdown

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Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP064 - Zombie Strippers (A Jeff Larkin Tribute)

EP063 – John Carpenter’s Vampires (1998)

We don’t cover action movies very often but Dave wanted to do this one and who are we to deny him? We had our first “straight” rating. Well it’s more of a straight than a full house. Get with the poker program, Kathleen.

We’re not sure if we’ve ever covered a film with a more unlikable cast.

Pete cut about 20 minutes of unfocused gobbledygook that had nothing to do with nothing and we still had a long episode. Sorry not sorry.

Thanks again to our friends at Perfect Pour for helping us pick out the tasty beers this month.

Beers of the month:
Nocterra Brewery‘s California Swell Line
Voodoo Brewery‘s Voodoo Love Child

Dave – 2
Pete – 3
Troy – 4
Kathleen – 5

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP063 - John Carpenter's Vampires (1998)

EP062 – A*P*E

  • Our Five Year Anniversary rolls back the clock to the very first episode we recorded which is now “lost” to time. APE is a special kind of awful that is a hoot to watch in a group of like minded friends. Watching it alone is not recommended.
  • Pete is an idiot. MASH was not filmed in South Korea. Please don’t listen to him. He dumb.
  • What is happening here? Could the interweb be full of conflicting information? What’s the biggest Great White ever caught? 20ft? 36ft? If you can’t rely on the interweb than who can you trust?
  • Troy has threatened the entire cast by stating he may have found his birthday month movie; King Kung Fu. Dear listener we implore you, PLEASE reach out to Troy and get him to change his mind.
  • No joke. Bye Bye Monkey is real. And real bad.
  • Featured Breweries:

Again, thanks for listening for the last five years. Here’s to five more.

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP062 - A*P*E

Episode 61 – Machete (2010)

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you. This year we deviate from or traditional weird luchador film and dive feet first into the ridiculous and bloody Machete.

Kathleen schools us all on how to say her maiden name correctly.

Featured Beers:
Trajo’s Cerveza Lager by the Lincoln Brewing company
Paradox Brewery Arno Palmer

Speaking of Danny Trejo, here’s that cookbook Pete was talking about.

Lemon Drop Hop is a song from the 60s we never got.

Our mixer is failing us so we’ll have new equipment next show.

We’re taking a personal day next month so there will not be a show in June. Come back in July to help us celebrate our FIVE year anniversary.

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Episode 61 - Machete (2010)

EP060 – Mean Girls (2004)

We celebrate Kathleen’s faux-birthday with a very NOT bad movie…MEAN GIRLS! Lindsay Lohan battles the ultimate evil that is Rachel McAdams’ Regina George. And Troy finally discovers what the hell Kathleen has been talking about for the past 15 years as he at last watches the source of 95% of her movie quotes.

Featured Beers:

Urban Artifact – Kaleidoscope
Perennial Artisan Ales – Mental Fractions

6 Pack Rating:

  • Kathleen – 0
  • Troy – 1
  • Pete – 1
  • Dave – 1
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP060 - Mean Girls (2004)

EP059 – Wild Wild West (1999)

Dave continues his streak of choosing yet another of the most reviled movies in the history of Good Beer Bad Movie Night. Earning a rare rating of sixes across the board– 1999’s Wild Wild West earned the absolute lowest possible score, generally reserved for movies which are staggeringly, insultingly bad.

Featured Beer:

6-Pack Rating:

  • Dave: 6
  • Troy: 6
  • Kathleen 6
  • Pete: 6

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Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP059 - Wild Wild West (1999)

EP058 – Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Pete had high hopes for this film. It seemed to have all the makings for a great “bad movie” but it turned out to be a boring dud with dodgy rules. Shockingly, Kathleen and Pete see eye to eye on this film.

Pete needs to learn the difference between cellulite and celluloid. Ya dummy.

I made a “Herman’s Head” reference and asked our younger listeners to ask their parents about it but now that I think about it, I should have told them to ask their GRANDPARENTS about that show. In other words, my references continue to get older and older. Thank goodness I stay the same age.

Dave tries a new fad where you snort beer instead of drinking it or maybe he just did it by accident. Either way it’s not recommended.

“Coked-off-you-tits” is now trademarked by GBBMN c/o Fifty Foot Brewing; LLC.

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Featured beer:
Maine Beer Brewing Company: Lunch
Wolf’s Ridge: All the Breakfast

6-Pack Rating:
Dave – 2
Troy – 0
Kathleen and Pete – 4

Featured podcasts:
Orphaned Entertainment
Give Me Back My Action Movies

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP058 - Maximum Overdrive (1986)