EP044 – Santa with Muscles (1996)

  • Another year another holiday movie. This year makes me long for Grumpy Cat’s return.
  • Seriously, there’s an Ice Cream truck in this movie and the writers weren’t able to get Clint Howard to drive it just ONCE? Missed opportunity.
  • I’ve done the listeners a favor and added a direct link to Troy’s new favorite past-time; Zardoz Cosplay Images.
  • From one of our favorite out of state breweries we try Three Floyd’s Alpha Klaus.
  • And from a local favorite we try Land Grant’s Sweater Vibes.
  • Six-Pack Rating
    • Troy: 3
    • Kathleen: 4
    • Dave: 4
    • Pete: 4

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP044 - Santa with Muscles (1996)