EP062 – A*P*E

  • Our Five Year Anniversary rolls back the clock to the very first episode we recorded which is now “lost” to time. APE is a special kind of awful that is a hoot to watch in a group of like minded friends. Watching it alone is not recommended.
  • Pete is an idiot. MASH was not filmed in South Korea. Please don’t listen to him. He dumb.
  • What is happening here? Could the interweb be full of conflicting information? What’s the biggest Great White ever caught? 20ft? 36ft? If you can’t rely on the interweb than who can you trust?
  • Troy has threatened the entire cast by stating he may have found his birthday month movie; King Kung Fu. Dear listener we implore you, PLEASE reach out to Troy and get him to change his mind.
  • No joke. Bye Bye Monkey is real. And real bad.
  • Featured Breweries:

Again, thanks for listening for the last five years. Here’s to five more.

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP062 - A*P*E