Episode 61 – Machete (2010)

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you. This year we deviate from or traditional weird luchador film and dive feet first into the ridiculous and bloody Machete.

Kathleen schools us all on how to say her maiden name correctly.

Featured Beers:
Trajo’s Cerveza Lager by the Lincoln Brewing company
Paradox Brewery Arno Palmer

Speaking of Danny Trejo, here’s that cookbook Pete was talking about.

Lemon Drop Hop is a song from the 60s we never got.

Our mixer is failing us so we’ll have new equipment next show.

We’re taking a personal day next month so there will not be a show in June. Come back in July to help us celebrate our FIVE year anniversary.

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Episode 61 - Machete (2010)