EP055 – Grabbers (2012)

After an unfortunate loss of an entire episode (that still makes my heart hurt saying) we are back with a beer-drinking creature feature that was surprisingly well received by the cast.

The big news that was supposed to land last month is the we’ve joined the Give Me Back My Podcast Network and are excited to see where this takes the show. Please go visit and like the network as well as Give Me Back My Action Movies, Give Me Back My Horror Movies and The Monster Movie Stompdown. Pretty soon all the shows will be in on feed for easy downloading. Keep an eye on the network page because there’s a bunch of talk behind the curtain about several new shows starting up in the near future.

The Vampriotoothus is nightmare fuel. Good luck sleeping.

Believe you me when I saw the burying dead whales is a MUCH better way to take care of a beached whale.

Featured Beers:

Six-Pack Rating:

  • Dave: 2 beers
  • Kathleen: 3 beers
  • Troy: 2 beers
  • Pete: 2 beers

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP055 - Grabbers (2012)