EP045 – Beerfest (2006)

Join the GBBMN team for dumb ass jokes and binge drinking at BEERFEST!

  • Send us suggestions for American Drinking Songs. The cast is still somewhat ashamed that they could not come up with better examples than “Sweet Caroline” and “Piano Man”. I mean seriously…
  • Troy treats us to the most annoying 6-minute penalty of all time
  • Pete schools the crew on skunky German bier lore
  • Dave ruminates on his life choices as we discuss drinking games.
  • Kathleen continues to be annoyed that we’re foisting this upon her each month


Prarie Artisian Ales

Six Pack Ratings

Troy – 2
Kathleen – 5
Dave – 2
Pete -2

Good Beer Bad Movie Night
EP045 - Beerfest (2006)