Palate Cleansers

Watching terrible movies can wear you down.  After a particularly wretched movie I find myself wanting to saw my head open and pour drain cleaner into my brain pan (please refer to Battle Beyond the Stars). To offset the lingering despair we sometimes watch a palate cleanser.

What’s a palate cleanser you ask? Or don’t ask?

A palate cleanser is a movie that might:

  • Share a theme or genre with the bad movie we previously endured
  • Succeed cinematically in the way a previously discussed movie fails

For example,  Hawk the Slayer was a swords and sorcery movie that blew ass, so we might watch Excalibur or Jason and the Argonauts. Of course taste is subjective.  What may be good to us may not be so great to you.  The point is there’s only so many “bad” movies we can take before we need to cleanse ourselves with an enjoyable movie experience.

After that, we’re ready to view the next horrifying cinematic turd Pete decides to thrust into our anguished eyeballs.

Hope you like our choices!

Written under duress,